Crystals for beginners 💓

Let’s talk crystals🌈

Crystals are great for helping to supply you with some extra energy to draw from to accomplish your spell manifestation. They aren’t necessary, but are extremely helpful. Here are my recommendations for beginners to help you discover your power base. 

1. Black obsidian for protection

2. Rose Quartz promotes love and friendship as well as affection and positive energy

3. Selenite is a must have for cleansing rituals and it can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals

4. Flourite is great for protection 

5. Green Jade is good for success spells 

6. Pyrite also known as “Fool’s gold” is actually great for attracting money and wealth

7. Amethyst is good for calming, protection, and brings good luck

8. Lapis Lazuli is wonderful for promoting communication